Friday, 30 April 2010

Working towards The Regional Policy Collaboration Pilot - Workshop 2

In the period between the first workshop and today, a lot has happened to impact the project; a common issue with programmes of work that cover a long(ish) period of time and where participation is based on interest rather than operational need.

The uncertainty generated by the announcement of the General Election coupled with the ongoing pressures on public spending is having a slow down effect in many areas.

More on the issue of expectations and how they have changed as the project has progressed in a future post, but the transitions that individuals have been subject to in their jobs has, I believe, spilled over into this work. And of course, this is a reality that can and almost inevitably does happen in partnership working.

However, we have been able to continue to build on our initial work with the futures (FuterScape) model, and we are now heading towards the focal point of this pilot – the Cardiff FAN Club meeting on 19th May.

What have we achieved so far?

As a reminder, to date we have worked collaboratively to:
  • Connect over a series of telephone conference calls.
  • Propose, review, refine and co-create the core questions for our futures work.
  • Complete an initial review of the capabilities of FutureScape.
  • Plan for and participate in the information sharing sessions at the Belfast FAN Club meeting.
  • Develop and agree a project plan through to the Cardiff FAN Club meeting where we will share the content and process outcomes from the work.
  • Agreed some initial scoping boundaries to provide focus for the work.
  • Set the tone in which we will address the issue (looking for benefits rather than problems).
  • Establish a Community Area on the Strategy Exchange to share information about the pilot.
  • Hold our first workshop in Edinburgh (on 4th February).
  • Identify our individual interest in participating.
  • Share expectations and assumptions about the project.
  • Confirm and refined the key questions we are seeking to answer.
  • Identify some of the outcomes we are looking to explore through FutureScape.
  • Start to create a FutureScape model.
  • Review and work with the FutureScape model.
Workshop 2

Our Workshop scheduled for 6th May – yes, that’s right – is going to be crucial to the pilot. In London, we will:
  • Conduct a brief re-connecting session.
  • Select and rate (impact, uncertainty etc.) the critical future events previously identified.
  • Seek to understand the potential implications of the events on policy development.
  • Consider the strategic implications.
  • Consider our options for closing or continuing with the work.
We will then take the content and process learnings to the Cardiff FAN Club on 19th May. At this meeting, we will share our content and process learnings and provide an opportunity for FAN Club members to work with the FutureScape model.

And then?

Finally, we’ll have a pilot “wash up” to review the project.

At this stage, we hope to be able to be able to share more information about our work – including the model – as well as the collaboration process learnings.