Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Regional Policy Collaboration Pilot - Cardiff FAN Club meeting and coming to close

The FAN Club meeting in Cardiff provided the opportunity to share the team’s experiences in collaborative futures work, an overview of the futures content we had developed and for FAN Club members to work with the FutuerScape application in a workshop environment.

The agenda for the project review was:
  • Context
  • Challenges and benefits
  • Our collaborative journey
  • Creating the FutureScape model
  • Scottish perspective on the story so far
The intentions are to provide a copy of the final report via the Strategy Exchange so it’s not my intention to repeat all the content detail here, but are a selection of the key slides from the Cardiff meeting:

The next steps identified (and their current status) are:
  • To conduct a pilot project “wash up” telecon to inform final feedback – complete.
  • For the partners decide if / how to take the work forward after the FAN Club meeting – complete.
  • To agree how to broaden FAN Club access to the work – under way.
  • To create a report to describe the process and futures content, and make available via the Strategy Exchange and Horizon Scanning Centre – under way.
One follow up action completed has seen the original 60 event roadmap become available via a public SharpCloud directory. You can see the roadmap at this address:


To view the model, you will need MS Silverlight installed on your computer; otherwise no additional access rights are required to initially review the roadmap.

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