Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Regional Policy Collaboration Pilot - Workshop 2 - LONDON (amid volcanic ash!)

It seems a little while ago now, but the second workshop took place at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Conference Centre. The objective for the workshop was to make sense of the model, consider the implications for policy development and agree potential next steps.

Our agenda to achieve this was:
  • Conducting a brief re-connecting session
  • Selecting and rating the critical future events
  • Focusing on the most likely / highest impact events
  • Seeking to understand how we could use FutureScape to consider the potential implications on policy development.
Attendance was somewhat limited by the fall out (literally!) from the volcanic ash cloud; nevertheless, the work gave rise to some important insights and provided the basis for some off-line work to determine the nature of any potential overlap between the three participating administrations.

Having identified these 24 high impact / most likely events, we focused on one event that was of interest to the workshop participants and that looked likely to have a number of important relationships: the Silver Workforce.

Here is what we developed in terms of potential policy implications, actions and resources that could be needed to implement the policy:

The next step was to consider the degree of agreement or otherwise between the three administrations about the relative significance (impact and likelihood) of the 24 events. This analysis could indicate the potential for greater collaboration in specific areas of ageing policy development.

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